What exactly do Wolves America provide?
  • We take the production burden away from busy advertising agencies and businesses and create projects from start to finish.  We...
    1. Create copy (if needed)​
    2. Submit castings to our pool of talented Voice-Over Actors
    3. Receive custom auditions and begin sifting through to pick out best ones to submit to agency / client
    4. Produce approved spots with notes from client
    5. Delivery final approved spots
  • Our streamlined workflow has been developed by our team to deliver the highest quality product available.
Does Wolves America have available references?
  • We have the highest level references available upon request.
    1. Agency References (CEO)
    2. Client References (Owners) 
We use in-house production for our projects.  Why should we use you?
  • We do not use 3rd party casting services like most agencies utilize.  We have a relationship with our voice over actors
  • Since we do all the hiring, production, post-production and deliverable, our process is the MOST STREAMLINED in the industry

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