About The Founder
Marc Steinberger
In the early 2000's Marc's was hired by Geffen Records to travel the world creating documentaries for bands and working with every major record label.  Many of his projects sold enough units to acquire Gold and Platinum status.
In 2006, Marc began working with the Wingman Agency located in Marina del Ray.  He produced local radio spots which later turned into spearheading national level radio and TV campaigns.  This work has given Marc the knowledge and understanding to venture off to create his dream - Wolves America.  A place where Agencies, Production Companies and Independent Businesses no longer have to worry about casting their next voice over project. Wolves America bridges the gap between agency and creative which showcases top tier voice over actors. Wolves America is a full service casting & production house.
Marc has created a home for BOTH the businesses that need voice over services and the voice over artist themselves.  

National Campaign Samples

Agency:  Wingman Agency
Client:  Jacuzzi
Title:  Love Your Tub
Agency:  Wingman Agency
Client:  Jacuzzi
Title:  Stress Relief
March 1, 1947 - Dec. 13, 2016
"The demands and pressures of working with celebrities can often times be overwhelming.  Wolves America continuously proves they have a unique understanding of these pressures and always has a handle on how to stay one step ahead, not only to meet expectations but to surpass them to a whole new level."
Steve Sullivan - CBS Radio, Los Angeles.  Senior Account Manager

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